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We've handpicked these 

causes, now you can too!


מתן תמיכה והכוונה למבוגרים מוכשרים בעלי בעיות נפשיות למימוש הפוטנציאל שלהם

Beit Daniella

A recovery day centre for youth struggling with mental health issues


Bringing happiness and fulfilment to elderly people


Giving food relief to Israel's most vulnerable populations supported by Myisrael's causes.


Enabling children with all types of special needs to improve their lives through music

My Piece of the Puzzle

Teaching life-skills to teens with special needs and youth-at-risk


Giving Ethiopian youth-at-risk access to academic support and skills training opportunities.


להחזיר את השמחה והסיפוק לקשישים

Beit Yossi

A therapeutic home for families in crisis and distress.


Helping struggling teens turn their lives around

Forgotten People Fund

Transforming the Ethiopian community through educational and social programmes

Lemonade Fund

Relieving the financial burden for women battling breast cancer

Pesia's Kitchen

Rescuing food to alleviate hunger.

Sports - Bridge to Education

Empowering youth-at-risk through sport.

Animal Angels

Humans and animals creating a special bond of mutual healing

Building Hope

Renovating dilapidated homes and restoring dignity

Family Nest

Empowering women-at-risk to build a better future for their children

Home Base

Using the power of football and music to transform the lives of homeless people


Giving a voice to kids who struggle to share how they feel

Project Fund

The Myisrael Project Fund, allocates the money to the charity or charities that are most in need at that time

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