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Giving food relief to Israel's most vulnerable populations supported by Myisrael's causes.


Help feed struggling families in Israel 


Devora is 54 years old, is married, has 2 children and has breast cancer.

One child is a soldier and the other resides in a hostel for young adults with special needs. Devora worked as a cleaner until she developed fibromyalgia. After his heart attack 15 years ago, her husband also stopped working. They have no family or support.

A food voucher means that they will be able to welcome their son home from the army with food for the Chag without worrying about the expense of it.


Esther, is 37 and has 3 kids (aged 5, 8 and 9). She is a single mother, and suffered an abusive relationship until the authorities took him out their home. Now the family is suffering from low income, high levels of anxiety and stress, and the kids have severe behavioral issues. Esther has temporary work cleaning homes.

Receiving a food voucher will mean that she can have food to create a festive Chag for her family without worrying how she will afford it. It will provide the family with a small boost of joy - which they truly deserve.


Throughout all of Myisrael's 18 causes there are hundreds of families who are struggling and living under the constant pressures that their financial constraints induce over and above the emotional, mental and physical challenges so many of them face. Your donation will allow them a moment's respite knowing their fridges are full without them worrying about how to afford it.


"The food donation made it possible for us to equip ourselves with the basics and get through this difficult period with dignity. It strengthens the feeling of the love and connection between human beings"


Families living with food insecurity in Israel

500 ₪

Cost of a food voucher to fill-a-fridge

27 ₪

Minimum wage per hour in Israel

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