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Building Hope

Renovating dilapidated homes and restoring dignity



Lior and Keren are two amazing kids who have experienced far too much loss and trauma for their young age. Their father passed away a couple of years ago and their mother, Yaffa, was diagnosed with a serious illness last year. The local welfare department contacted Building Hope after discovering the family was living in appalling conditions. Their small front garden had turned into a pond of sewage due to the state of its drainage system. Their house had rotting walls and floors, and their bathroom and kitchen were barely fit for use.

Building Hope took on the huge challenge of turning their dilapidated house into a proper family home again. They cleared the sewage, replaced the plumbing system, installed new floors and dealt with the rotting walls. They redecorated the whole house and installed a brand new kitchen.

The family were stunned when they returned to their barely recognisable home. It brought so much comfort to Yaffa, who is slowly recovering from her illness. With the ongoing support of Building Hope’s social worker, Yaffa is making sure her children have everything they need to thrive.


Building Hope is the only organisation of its kind in Israel, improving living conditions for some of the country’s most impoverished families. It works across sixteen cities and has repaired over 5,500 homes, empowering many of these families to return to financial stability and independence.

As well as making urgent home repairs, families are supported by Building Hope’s team of social workers who provide practical and emotional guidance, and give them the tools to break free from the cycle of poverty. They help parents get back to work, support kids who are falling behind at school, and find activities for the elderly.

Building Hope is transforming both the physical and emotional wellbeing of its families and helping them return to self-sufficiency.


“When my home was flooded, the angels at Building Hope repaired everything, including things that I couldn’t afford to fix.”

2,700 ILS

Average cost of a home renovation


Number of Cities serviced by Building Hope


Homes Renovated Last Year

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