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Giving Ethiopian youth-at-risk access to academic support and skills training opportunities.



Tamar joined Shoham, in the beginning of ninth grade. The school she attended had lost hope in her, and said that she was truant from school 50% of the time and on the verge of dropping out.

In school she originally was placed in the highest grouping for math, but because of her frequent absences was subsequently moved to the lowest group. She had completely given up on her studies in school. She would study for her exams with Shoham, but then skip school and the exam the following day and therefore didn’t take the test. There was a huge gap between her performance in school and her performance in Shoham. She was mostly absent from school, felt lost there and consequently received very low grades. However, she always came to Shoham, learned quickly and was clearly very bright. So the Shoham staff worked intensively with her and the school.
They concentrated on improving her school attendance and helped her make-up the material that she missed. They also convinced the school to move her back up to the higher math group, and continued to provide academic support. They encouraged her to read books, and she fell in love with reading!

Shoham introduced her to classical music and took her to concerts, which she thoroughly enjoyed. They sent her to a computer programming class once a week and then took her on tours of high-tech companies such as Google, Mobileye and others. It opened up a world for her she never knew existed, and she decided she wants a future in high-tech. In tenth grade she began studying computers in schools, excelled in the higher math group and moved up to the highest group in English.

Tamar’s progress has been astounding and she has transformed herself from being on the verge of dropping out, to being one of the top students in her class.


Shoham’s progamme has 18 participants and runs for six years from age 12-18. Successful candidates are from low socio-economic backgrounds and must be motivated and committed to participating and working hard to progress.

The programme is designed to give participants the skills and training to ultimately get them into elite army units, good universities and to gain high level employment thereby breaking the cycle of poverty in which they grew up and inspiring siblings and their community at large to work towards a better future.

This is a truly transformational programme that changes the lives of the participants and so many people around them.


Shoham showed me a world I thought would never be part of...and now I'm thriving

2,000 ₪

To invest in 1 child's future per month


The year Shoham was founded


Participants with a university pass rate

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