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Helping struggling teens turn their lives around



When Miki was 13, she was kicked out of her house. She spent a lot of time on the street, drinking, smoking, surrounded by drugs and the street scene. Crossroads became like a family to her. For the first time, she came to believe she had real potential and value in life.


It will probably come as a surprise to learn that there are hundreds of English-speaking teens living on the streets of Jerusalem. All too often this vulnerable group are mistakenly stereotyped as being part of a wealthy and integrated immigrant community. Left to fend for themselves, they struggle with poverty, addiction, isolation, and neglect.

In 2001, Crossroads was created specifically to help these young people. At night, Crossroads’ team of social workers and volunteers approach youth on the streets. For the first time, these teens discover there are people wanting to help them, and they are offered both immediate assistance and long-term services. Many of them initially struggle to accept help but the Crossroads' team develop bonds of trust until they feel ready to take their first steps to leaving the streets behind forever.

At the Crossroads Centre, they find the resources and support they need to rebuild their lives. They have access to safe shelter, counselling, and a host of recreational activities. They can take part in study and employment opportunities tailored to support their individual needs. And they develop healthy friendships and a positive outlook.

Crossroads’ teens leave the centre confident, happy, and ready to make a success of their lives.


Crossroads made me believe that I could

144 ILS

Cost for a therapy session for one teen


Number of teens who use the Crossroads Centre each year


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