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Myisrael does things differently

Myisrael was created to enhance the lives of people in need and to make the experience of giving meaningful to you, the donor.

When Myisrael launched in 2008, we made a bold promise to our donors that every single shekel we received would go directly to our adopted causes.


That promise continues to hold strong today thanks to our ‘Angel investors’ who give specific donations to fund our running costs - from staff salaries to office supplies to travel costs.


These donors are some of our most dedicated supporters. Their investment fuels our long-term mission to continue passing 100% of the money we receive directly to our causes. When you donate through Myisrael, you can be confident that every penny will go directly to helping people in need.

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Myisrael's Added Value

One of Myisrael’s founding principles was to ensure that our causes were able to make the greatest impact possible. To this end, we carry out a thorough due-diligence process before accepting any new cause onto our platform and we carefully monitor how donations are used.

We also, vitally, provide free mentoring and expert guidance to our carefully selected causes.  Our group of expert fundraisers and strategists work very closely with each cause to explore ways in which they can work as efficiently, transparently, and productively as possible. This includes helping to develop and guide their donor strategy, nurturing existing relationships and developing new ones - and identifying ways in which they can improve their budgeting and reduce costs.

As a result, our causes are able to expand their programmes and and ultimately reach many more people in need.   

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Testimonials from our Causes


“Myisrael understands where we need help in a way that no other organisation or individual ever has. They have given me the courage and expertise to expand our mobile centre programme and in the past 4 years, we’ve increased the number of recipients by 575%.” Chana Simon, Founder and CEO, Re-Specs


“Myisrael’s guidance and input has been priceless to us. They’ve helped me understand how to communicate better with donors, they’ve helped us build our network of supporters and they’re helping us get an amazing new programme off-the-ground.” Omri Abramovitch, Founder and CEO, Kickstart


We were in just three hospitals when we met Myisrael and now we have 14 centres nationwide. So much of our expansion is thanks to their guidance and expertise. Myisrael was the inspiration behind our philosophy "IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!” Shari Mendes, Founder, Lemonade Fund

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