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Therapeutic after-school music programme for disabled and able-bodied children and young people



Omer has autism and studies in a special education class in Netanya. He has been with Imagine for the past 5 years. He started as a shy and introverted teenager who joined the afternoon programme because he wanted to play the guitar.

It took him a while to open up within the group but by the end of the first year he performed as a lead vocal and guitar in the end of year show and made 2 new friends.

His teacher was very excited by the progress he had made and convinced the head of the school to bring IMAGINE to the whole class and they worked with them for 2 years, during which time they performed for the school, performed on 2 occasions for audiences outside the school and even performed in the Knesset.

This made Omer very popular, and a kind of a “rock star” in the school and he was chosen for students' council of his class.

His parents couldn’t believe his progress and how much being part of ‘Imagine’ had transformed his life.


One of Imagine's focus are after school programmes run for children at all levels of personal and musical ability. The groups consist of 75% children with special needs such as autism, ADHD, behavioural issues, sensory and learning difficulties. The aim of the group is to create an ‘Inclusive Band’ where participants of different ages and musical ability work together through the course of the school year, to practice and perform in community centres, old-age homes and at community events.

This programme has shown exceptional improvements in musical, personal and interpersonal skills as well as physical and social improvements and changes to behaviour at home.


Even on my darkest days, Imagine is the light I need! The music lifts my soul!

167 ₪

Cost per child per month


Year founded


Participants in the inclusive band

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