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Transform lives with a Myisrael Bar or Bat Mitzvah Project

We know how important this Bnei Mitzvah celebration is, for so many reasons. We know too, that this is a time when your child becomes more aware that not everyone can celebrate like themselves or enjoy some basic things in life which we take for granted. A fundraising project with Myisrael will make their own celebration even more meaningful.

Get Started!

Start a Campaign

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With Myisrael, Bar and Bat Mitzvah children can support the cause which is most meaningful for them. Or they can support the Project Fund where their money will be distributed to whomever is
most in need at the time. Fill in the form to get started

Make A Donation

Make a donation.jpeg

Some children choose to donate a portion of their gift money instead.

If they are ready to make their donation, they can choose their cause and we’ll make sure they know exactly how their support has
transformed lives.

 Fundraising Ideas

Other ideas (1).jpg

Want to get inspired?


Take a look at some of our past Bnei Mitzvah projects.

Whatever you choose,

we’ll be there every step of the way to support your efforts.

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