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Fundraising Ideas

For a little inspiration, check out the fundraising activities carried out by some of our Bar and Bat Mitzvah children or check out our A-Z guide with ideas.

Sponsored Challenge


Amy subjected herself to a screen deprivation for two whole weeks! No phones, no social media, no screen time – much easier said than done! She chose to raise money for Misholim, helping children
to overcome severe traumas.
“It was very difficult to be away from all social media and I missed communicating with my friends. But learning about the little boy I helped made it all so worthwhile. His mother could no longer afford the therapy he desperately needed but the money I raised enabled him to continue his therapy for at least another year.”


UK Bar Mitzvah boy Jude Garcia with his

Jude and his friend Jake walked 13 miles into Central London to fund a communal Bar Mitzvah celebration for children from Netanya’s Ethiopian community. They also funded a laptop for their Bar Mitzvah ‘twins’. Jude went to Israel to attend the Bar Mitzvah party.

“I loved seeing my twin’s shocked face when he was given his computer. It feels amazing to know that I have been able to give him a gift which will help him with his schoolwork for years to come.”


Get Creative

Ella Goldstein with her cards .JPG

Ella designed and sold a stunning set of greeting cards. All the funds raised were donated to RE-SPECS, which recycles and redistributes glasses to people in financial difficulty.

“Art is my greatest passion so I thought I could share my favourite pieces of artwork and raise money for people in need.” 

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