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Eliana's Bat Mitzvah Swim-A-Thon - COMPLETED


Building Hope

Cute Puppy


Monday, April 25, 2022

Well done xx

Russell Corin

Monday, April 25, 2022

Mazeltov and well done. Sending all our love xx








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This April I will be celebrating my Bat mitzvah.

In order to mark this milestone in my life, I decided I would like to raise money for a very special and unique charity.


The charity is called “Building Hope”. Building Hope is the only charity of its kind in Israel. It improves living conditions by fixing and renovating run-down homes for some of Israel’s poorest families who can’t afford what we take for granted in our day-to-day lives. ‘Building Hope’ also gives emotional support to these families through their social workers involved in the projects. Quite uniquely, ‘Building Hope’ sponsors disadvantaged people to complete building courses as well, and, in return, they do some of Building Hope’s future renovations once they have graduated from the course.


I really wanted to support a charity that made a difference to people for the long term. Something I could be part of that could change people and the course of their lives. Building Hope does this in every way. It helps people so they have a better chance of success. It gives them a better quality of life for the long term - physically, emotionally and educationally. I find it such a clever charity that can make such a difference.


Every step of my lifetime I have been lucky enough to have a working and lovely roof over my head and I don’t think I have ever stopped to consider how lucky I was. When I heard about ‘Building Hope’, I was shocked what I took for granted. I hope this contribution can make a real difference and allow disadvantaged Israelis, sometimes with very little hope, to build a successful future for themselves and their own families.


In order to raise this money, I will be doing a 2-kilometre swimathon during the week of Pesach, the week of my Bat mitzvah. I have been training weekly for this since August. I really really hope my dedication pays off and I am able to change someone’s life and the way they live forever.


Please help me do this by donating below. There is no amount too small to help me reach my target.


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