Thanks to the generous support of you, our wonderful donors, Myisrael has been able to help see our causes through this dreadful period of fear and lockdown in Israel.  

At Click in Hod Hasharon, all the elderly activity centres closed, rendering all participants housebound. Click adapted and focussed on distributing food to the elders and activity kits for them to be occupied at home – and set them up on their virtual technology programme so they could access classes from home via their TV.  It was a huge operation in terms of manpower and financial requirements and Myisrael was proud to be able to fund part of their efforts.

INTRA ceased all activities for more than six weeks. No patients were permitted to attend their horse-riding therapy and only two members of staff, responsible for feeding and caring for the horses, remained on-site. Some of the patients who suffered most from their lack of horse therapy were soldiers with PTSD. Victor a veteran from the 2006 Lebanon war would turn up at the INTRA gates desperate just to see ‘his’ horse.  Victor had to go back onto anti-anxiety drugs shortly after his horse-therapy stopped but we hope this is just a temporary situation.  Myisrael covered some of the costs of caring for the horses.

The Myisrael team have been in touch with its causes throughout the Coronavirus crisis; either brainstorming how they can change the way they do things or talking about fundraising and advising them how best to keep in-touch with donors during this time.  

Myisrael's Emergency Relief fund has had a significant impact on the lives of over 4,500 people in need during the crisis. We have proudly funded 1,480 food vouchers for families in need; support for 30 victims of domestic abuse; 61 taxi rides for cancer patients to get to their hospital treatment; 21 laptops for Ethiopian-Israeli university students to continue their studies online; 14 urgent renovations for dilapidated homes; technology links for 50 housebound elders and food and vet bills for six therapy horses for a month.  

So thank YOU for remembering our causes when life is hard for you too. 

The aftermath of the lockdown has left so many people in a desperate state - both financially and mentally and some of our projects are continuing to help where needed. Building Hope are working round the clock to help with emergency home repairs needed that would otherwise go for years unattended; Dental Volunteers for Israel continue to help Jerusalem's poorest children and elderly with emergency dental care and the need is so great at the moment; CLICK are in touch with all the seniors who attend their centres to check in on their mental and physical well-being...the list goes on and your help is still needed!


Please give what you can to help our causes and their recipients survive this unprecedented crisis.

Our Team


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