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Yozmot Atid

Empowering women from low socio-economic situations to establish and develop small businesses.



“Everyone around me was telling me that I should stay where I was,” says Hedva Halabi, “though where I was, was being the mother of 8 children and earning 4,000 ILS a month.  I decided to take charge of my life.”

She had a great idea for a business, one that didn’t exist anywhere else in the country (much less Be’ersheva, where she lives). Recognizing the wide demand for skilled but flexible administrative services among local law firms, she began providing freelance secretarial work to firms specializing in real estate. Today, “with a lot of faith and passion and support from Yozmat Atid”, her small business has expanded astronomically and now features a clientele of some 40 firms and growing. Her vision is to branch out all over the country. Today she brings in 15,000 ILS each month from the business she started just last year. Though as she puts it: “the sky is the limit.”


Around 1,000 of 4,000 applicants are accepted to the Yozmot Atid programme each year. Successful applicants are women of a low socio-economic status from around the country, who have a business idea that they want to turn into a reality and the motivation and desire to succeed.

Yozmot Atid’s courses provide participants with all the tools and guidance they need to get their business started and include building a business plan, excel proficiency, how to work with banks, managing bureaucracy, finance, sales, marketing, social media and other skills needed to build and run a business successfully.

400 men and women entrepreneurs dedicate time to mentor the women help them create sustainable & viable businesses. 

Yozmot Atid is ther perfect example of "teaching a man to fish"


Through the course, I got the courage, the strength and the tools to start my business. That was the thing that led to real change.

3,500 ₪

Cost per participant per year


Graduates who start a business after the course.


Average no. of courses run per year.

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