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Ukrainian Refugees Urgent Assistance

Providing urgent help for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Israel



Ukrainian refugees have started arriving in Israel and are expected in large numbers in the coming weeks and months.They arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs.

We know donors outside of Israel want to help, so I'd like to update you on the situation, which is fast moving and up-to-date at the time of writing.As of yesterday around 3,800 refugees had arrived in Israel. A small number of those have started the Aliyah process. People who have family in Israel will go to them and if not, they'll be accommodated in hotels in various cities across the country.  Several groups of orphans have arrived, including 140 orphans that are currently in the Nes Harim Field School near Gush Etzion.

It is estimated that 15,000 refugees could arrive by the end of the month and the government is struggling to form policies on how to handle this number. All refugees will be given food and shelter in the short term and there are vast numbers of collections taking place in many local schools, synagogues and other communities.  The education system is preparing to absorb 2,000 children into schools across the country.

Additionally, within 3 days, 3,500 people have applied for Aliya from Russia and this number is increasing by about 500 per day.There are dozens of appeals being made by various organisations, but the absorption needs of each family in Israel are still largely unknown.  

Myisrael has trusted people on the ground who are responding to urgent requests for funding.  Yesterday for example,  funding was needed for a catered meal - provided at cost - for a group of 60 people who arrived at a hotel in Jerusalem.  The Government provided breakfast and dinner and one of our partners funded lunch.

Animal Angels is the first of Myisrael's adopted causes to be called on for help -  to provide animal-assisted therapy to help children and families through this overwhelming first phase of shock and readjustment..We're also working with a network of Russian and Ukranian volunteers - which includes doctors, psychologists, social workers and teachers - who will offer hosting, trauma counselling, activities for children, support groups, employment workshops and much more in the coming months.

The situation is unfolding with each hour that passes and with your help, urgent and vital activities will be funded for children and adults experiencing an unimaginable trauma.

Please donate here if you'd like to support our efforts and we will continue to update you as to the impact of your generosity.


Please donate here if you'd like to support our efforts and we will continue to update you as to the impact of your generosity.


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