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The Garage

Guiding and supporting gifted adults with mental health issues to fulfil their potential



Alon suffers from bipolar disorder and experiences long periods of anxiety which prevents him leaving his home. At The Garage, Alon has found somewhere he feels secure and comfortable and where he can express himself through his music. The Garage has completely transformed his life. 


At The Garage, students benefit from a careful balance between nurturing artistic skills and developing the tools to lead a normal, healthy life. 

During the year-long programme, students explore artistic techniques, discover the history of art, and develop their understanding of social issues. They learn to prepare portfolios, accept criticism, and handle interviews and examinations. And they are guided throughout by a team of social workers who support their physical and emotional wellbeing. By the end of this foundation year, they have the skills to study in a regular school and express their feelings artistically rather than emotionally. 

After graduation, The Garage remains in constant contact with its students. Its Mentor Programme provides tailored workshops for its graduates to ensure they can cope with every day challenges and successfully integrate into further education or the workforce. 

Over half of The Garage’s graduates are already enrolled in leading art and music schools, developing their talents and planting the seeds for successful future careers.


This place saved me. It brought balance to my life and made me believe in myself

2,745 ILS

Cost for one student to attend daily lessons and therapy for a month


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