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Partners of Fallen IDF Soldiers

Providing psychological and emotional support to the unmarried partners of fallen IDF soldiers



Adar Mushauf is 19 years old. Her boyfriend was Amit Must. He was a fighter in the Nahal combat unit and fell on October 7 – he was 20 years old.

In Adar's words: "I was with Amit for 3 1/2 years. It was clear to everyone that this was no ordinary love. It was special. We were best friends and had a crazy connection and we just knew it was forever. We had such big dreams and plans for the future. We wanted to live in London after the army and then get married and live in my grandparents' house that overlooks the entire city of Modiin... It was clear that we would have a sausage dog and after a few years, children...... I never thought it would end like this. Alone. Amit has been my whole life, my sunshine, the person who holds me in good times and bad and who is always by my side. He was the light in my life and now everything has become dark. All I have left is to be grateful for our love and the privilege of living with him in our best years."

The Partners of Fallen IDF Soldiers offers support groups for partners of fallen soldiers and has been there for Adar in her greatest time of need.


The Partners of Fallen IDF Soldiers was established in 1998 with the original purpose of providing emotional support for the partners of fallen IDF soldiers. Today, as the only organisation in Israel that caters to the unmarried partners of fallen soldiers, the GFIDF stands alongside grieving partners during their most difficult times and assists them through the process of rebuilding their lives after this loss.

Around 53% of fallen IDF soldiers are in a relationship at the time of their death. Despite this reality, unmarried partners are overlooked by IDF and government procedures, as they are not considered part of the fallen soldier’s family. Because of this, the GFIDF steps in and meets with these individuals during the critical moments following the loss of their partner.

Since it's establishment in 1998 and up until 6th October 2023 it had supported in total around 500 partners of fallen soldiers. Since October 7th, there are 263 new participants who lost their partners. GIDF have opened seven support groups so far, including one group of men only and they are also providing private therapy for those who most need it. 

The GFIDF not only understands the devastating grief experienced by these young people, but also the scarring reality that a once secure future has evaporated with the loss and will require help, support and love to be rebuilt. The GFIDF takes care of the needs of these young partners and supports them through every step of their grieving process.


I don't know that I will ever feel whole again, but at least they are helping me heal.


Number of partners supported


Number of support groups

300 ILS

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