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Myisrael Campaign

Support thousands of vulnerable children across Israel



Myisrael is running this 36 hour campaign to make up for all the income lost by not being able to run events this last  16 months. And of course, the impact of corona and the recent rocket attacks in Israel have left so many vulnerable children in a really bad situation.

This is a matched funding campaign, which means that every cent we raise is being matched by a group of donors who have already pledged their support. Whatever we raise during the 36 hours will be doubled and we are going to pull out all the stops to reach and exceed our target.

We’ve already got £150,000/650,000 NIS of matched funding committed from generous sponsors, which is brilliant – we’re halfway there.

Together, we'll be changing the reality for hundreds of vulnerable children.  Whether it's trauma therapy for children living in the South, hot meals for kids that don't get fed well at home or after-school tutoring for children who are overcoming huge challenges...your donation WILL CHANGE LIVES.


Now more than ever!


The hours the campaign will run


The amount we're going to raise


The person that's going to make the difference

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