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Life-changing horse riding therapy for children and adults with disabilities



Maxim has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is an autistic spectrum disorder. He finds it very difficult to relate to people which can leave him feeing misunderstood, angry and very frustrated. It’s only been through his relationship with his horse at INTRA that Maxim has found a new, confident way of relating to the world. His horse is the first living being which he’s felt a real connection with. Their profound bond has helped calm him and allowed real feelings of love, empowerment and companionship to emerge. 


Horses have a remarkable effect on children and adults with physical, mental and emotional conditions. From a paralysed soldier regaining the ability to walk, to a child with autism learning to speak, the healing power of horses are irrefutable. Highly skilled therapists and horses at INTRA work with children and adults with a wide range of special needs and achieve success where other therapies have failed, helping them to walk, talk, connect and learn. For people with severe disabilities, horses can improve posture, muscle tone and their sensory system. The movement of a horse closely replicates the movement of a human so for the rider, it helps stimulate mobility. At INTRA, a child who is lifted on to a horse from their wheelchair may have the ability to walk steps after their lesson – the results can be astounding.


My parents were told I would never walk or talk again after my car crash. But thanks to INTRA, I can now move my body in ways we never thought possible.

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