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High Holy Day Appeal

Fund essential therapy for children this Rosh Hashana



13 year old Lielle has suffered socially since kindergarten. She was ostracised by her peers and excluded from group activities.This Rosh Hashana we want to fund therapy sessions for 32 kids who like Lielle desperately need our support but are on a waiting list.

Lielle is one of six children who are only seven years apart. Sadly her paternal grandmother died around the time of her birth, leading to her father battling with his grief throughout her childhood. Lielle sadly picked up on his sadness and as a result has always cried excessively to express herself, rather than use her voice. She has always struggled and acted out both at home and at school. There is a history of mental health problems in her family.

Despite having physiotherapy for slow motor skill development, Lielle is a gifted artist. At Misholim, an expressive arts therapy centre for children who suffer with communication problems, staff have drawn up a programme for Lielle to join group therapy after she has completed a period of individual therapy – in contrast to her home setting where she is always one of six children struggling for attention. Individual therapy will offer Lielle tools to enable her to express her own frustrations and needs in a group setting.

Cost per therapy session: 124 NIS

Cost per child per month: 495 NIS
Cost per child per year: 4,950 NIS 

Children on the waiting list: 32

Myisrael’s 100% promise means that every penny you donate will go directly to the people who need it most.Wishing you a happy, healthy and sweet year ahead,


This Rosh Hashana, help Lielle find her voice.

124 ILS

Cost per therapy session

495 ILS

Cost per child per month

4,950 ILS

Cost per child per year

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