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Corona Virus Appeal


Amid all of our concerns, great acts of kindness have been demonstrated across the world and we feel compelled to let you know how you can help with the urgent needs of the most vulnerable populations. 

CLICK day care centres for the elderly have had to close. Food provisions for the elders at home are being provided but they're most worried about keeping them occupied so that they literally don't 'die of boredom'. We'd like to install a special system onto their TV sets so that they can take part in virtual two-way programming like meditation, singling and sport classes remotely. It will cost around 70 NIS per elder. 

In Ashkelon, most of the at-risk-mothers at the FAMILY NEST have been laid off from work or have to stay home to look after their children. Dozens of families are in desperate need of food packages at 90 NIS per family. 

The FORGOTTEN PEOPLE FUND provide laptops to Ethiopian-Israeli students so that they can continue with their studies. They need to provide 20 at a cost of 2,500 NIS per laptop.

Cancer patients who were already struggling to afford the 'costs of cancer' and have received grants from the LEMONADE FUND now need to travel to chemotherapy appointments by taxi - which is unaffordable at 125 NIS. Can you provide a ride for them? 

At INTRA, horse-therapy group sessions for (youth-at-risk, people with mental health conditions, children living in children's homes) are unable to go ahead. However, the horses still need to be fed, exercised and cared for and we want to help INTRA fund some of these costs so that they will be able to continue their incredible therapy work when things get back to normal. There are 11 horses and in total it costs 49 NIS per day a day to look after them. That's 1,545 NIS per horse per month. 

Homeless people are extremely vulnerable at times like these. The football training sessions at KICKSTART have had to be cancelled. These sessions are vital in providing stability, something to look forward to, a foundation to get further help and in building relationships. Many of them are isolated and living in horrific conditions. We want to help the team at Kickstart to provide 26 people with essential supplies and food vouchers at 300 NIS. 

The costs at BET SHEAN FOODBANK have dramatically increased due to the cancellation of weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs where most of the donations come from. These 115 families need our help more than ever now. This is just a small snapshot of what's going on - however YOU can make a difference to people's lives. Every shekel that you donate will go directly to the most urgent needs for vulnerable people at our causes. As always - we'll update you about the impact of your donation. Please consider making an early Pesach donation to this cause.


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