Providing affordable glasses to adults and children in need


When Dinah’s parents discovered both her and her brother needed glasses, they had no idea how they would afford them. Dinah’s mother had a terrible car accident a year earlier and can no longer work. Her father works hard to make ends meet but life is far from easy for them. 

They heard about Re-Specs through their community social worker and from the moment the family stepped through Re-Specs door, they were treated with dignity and respect. Dinah and her brother were given eye tests and within three weeks, they each had the right pair of prescription glasses. Re-Specs has given Dinah’s family the helping hand they desperately needed. 


Today, Re-Spec’s eye clinics provide free eye tests and affordable glasses to over 2000 people from cities and towns across Israel. For those people, Re-Specs services are life-changing. Clear sight means they can focus better, progress at school or work, and live without the constant headaches that come when people strain to see. Re-Specs glasses are creating a brighter future in every sense of the word. Re-Specs services some of the poorest towns in Israel and targets the most vulnerable groups including those with disabilities, single-parent families, lone soldiers, and Holocaust Survivors.

Thanks to Re-Specs, Eliana has a good pair of glasses & is feeling confident at school.

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