Project Fund

Donate to the Project Fund and Myisrael will allocate the money to the cause most in need at that time.


When you donate to the Project Fund, Myisrael's Board of Trustees will allocate the money to the charity or charities that are most in need at that time.  In this way, we can support all our charities and meet the targets we have set with them, even if the charity has not specifically been selected by you, the donor.

We distribute ALL the funds you donate directly to the charities. And we will feedback to you so that you know exactly how your support has transformed lives.

We’d love to organise a personal visit to the charities you supported so that you can see with your own eyes their remarkable work in action.


Now that I am getting the chance to see your work close and personal, I have to say it is without question one of the best charities I have come across!


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Our 100% Promise means every shekel donated goes directly to the cause you choose