Musicians of Tomorrow

Transforming young lives through the power of music


Erez grew up in a very poor family from Migdal in Northern Israel and started learning violin at the age of 11. He showed great versatility and promise, and his young talent quickly came to MOT’s attention. Soon after Erez started music classes at MOT, the staff discovered that he was living in an abusive environment and the pain he suffered on a constant basis had led to him become morbidly obese. They organised for him to be admitted to hospital, and to help his mental well being, MOT volunteers brought him twice a week from hospital to his music lessons. 

He found so much love and warmth from his teachers and friends at MOT and he got so much joy from playing his instruments and developing his wonderful talent. Today, Erez is a graduate of Music from the Tel Aviv University and teaches young students at MOT. He is a remarkable double bass player and credits MOT with saving his life. 


At MOT, the power of music has the potential of transforming lives. Founder Anna Rosnovsky, a former first violinist of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, discovers talented child musicians from poor areas in the North of Israel, and employs top class music teachers to work with them from MOT’s music centre in Rosh Pina. Many of the kids of MOT come from real poverty and struggle emotionally and developmentally. The MOT programme teaches them to work hard and dream big -  nurturing their love of music, improving their self-confidence and self-esteem, and helping them overcome personal challenges. 

Each of MOT’s 18 children take part in afterschool lessons between two and five times a week, and every day during the holidays, playing their instrument of choice. They also receive a complete musical education including voice, improvisation, composition, and chamber music. With many parents unable to afford basic needs, the children are provided with transport to lessons, a hot meal, and assistance with school work, and the older children support and mentor the younger ones. 

MOT has become a second family to its talented students. MOT’s children are developing levels of musical excellence which are recognised around the world and resulted in invitations to perform across America and Europe. They have every opportunity of fulfilling their potential and breaking free from the cycle of poverty that they’ve grown up in.

Without MOT, who knows where I would have landed up, I am now studying music at university.

150 ILS

Cost of one music lesson


Number of musicians at MOT


Cost per month to feed students who attend lessons in the afternoon