Offering a lifeline to victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence


Ten years ago, Esther was looking for a new job and organised for a driver to take her to interviews. Instead, he took her to his home, brutally raped her, and burnt her with cigarettes. The next day he invited his friends over to do he same. Esther endured two days of torture and violence until she was able to escape. She ran to her mother’s house who immediately called Maslan. A Maslan volunteer came quickly to the house and since that day, the support team at Maslan has held Esther’s hand every step of the way – through the initial hospital visit, the police investigation, and the long road to recovery and reintegration into community life. 

After the rape, Esther struggled with social experiences. She lost many friends who she felt no longer understood her. For a long time she blamed herself for what happened. Through Maslan she has undergone a programme of psychotherapy and still continues to see a psychiatrist today. Even now she chooses to wear no make up from fear of drawing any attention to herself and she still struggles to sleep at night. But with Maslan by her side, Esther never feels alone. She knows they have her best interests at heart and it gives her the strength to carry on and look to the future with hope. 


For the women and children of Maslan, its services provide the only chance to escape and heal from abuse . Maslan’s emergency helpline is often the first brave step a victim takes to share their story and ask for help. The helpline is staffed by over 200 trained volunteers who continue to provide support throughout the entire process, accompanying victims to police stations, hospitals and safe houses, and providing an understanding ear whenever needed. Maslan supports victims throughout the reporting, medical and legal process.

Its Therapeutic Unit offers counselling for victims and their families, and their legal team offer access to free legal aid and counsel for anyone unable to afford it. Maslan offers services in 8 different languages and their pioneering Awareness Workshops in schools and community centres are educating children, parents, and teachers from every community about recognising and preventing child abuse. Thanks to Maslan, no victim of abuse in the South of Israel need ever feel hopeless or alone.

Maslan receives every woman that comes to them as if they were their own family member. They have stood by me every second.

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