Healing Hands (Ruach Dromit)

Coping therapies for cancer patients to reduce pain and emotional trauma


When Isolda was diagnosed with cancer of the intestine for the second time, she felt completely devastated and lost. She had only recently returned to her teaching position and felt overwhelmed at the prospect of treatment again. She credits Healing Hands with getting her through her repeat diagnosis and treatment. The team there were by her side to provide for her emotional and physical needs. When the chemotherapy began taking its toll, it was the reflexology, yoga and acupuncture at Healing Hands which brought relief and gave Isolda the strength to fight the disease. And when the days felt like too much to bear, it was the Healing Hands team providing her with coping and calming strategies. “Without this place, I can’t imagine how my family or I would have gotten through this intense and difficult period. At Healing Hands, I can relax, breathe deeply and believe I will beat this.” 


Healing Hands, the only organisation of its kind in the Negev, provides a range of complementary therapies to cancer patients and their families. These include massage, reiki, acupuncture and reflexology. These treatments, combined with the love and support they get from the ‘Healing Hands community’, help reduce pain and stress, reinforce positive thoughts and enhance coping strategies. Every patient’s treatment plan corresponds with their conventional treatments and is developed in collaboration with the medical team in the hospital. Healing Hands’ patients say that the team feel like an extended family, always by their side to lift them up when the days get too tough.

At Healing Hands, I feel lighter, less burdened. I feel like my old self again."


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